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Compound Formation

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* Compound Formation
Description Example Meaning
1. Two kanji with opposite meanings 天地 tenchi
左右 sayū
前後 zengo
heaven and earth
left and right
before and after
2. Two kanji with similar meanings 道路 dōro
人民 jinmin
road (street and road) the people (person + citizen)
3. Two identical kanji 点点 tenten
色色 iroiro
here and there
4. First kanji qualifies the second 新年 shinnen
美人 bijin
new year
beautiful person
5. Kanji representing an action (verb) and an object (noun) are combined 乗車 jōsha
作文 sakubun
to get on/in transport 車に乗る (kuruma ni noru)
composition, essay 文を作る (bun o tsukuru)
6. The first kanji negates the second   不安  fuan
非常  hijō
無言  mugon
emergency (not usual) silent (no words)