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Planning Your Learning

Strategies for Learning Kanji
Strategies for Managing Learning
  * Planning Your Learning
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Cooperating With Others

No learning is going to take place unless sufficient time is invested in the task. Planning learning involves setting aside a specific amount of time per week to devote to kanji study and deciding on the most effective method for going about the task. You need to select the method that suits your style and make efficient use of the time available. It also involves creating as many opportunities as possible to practise newly learnt kanji so as not to forget them.


  1. I have a set time each day/week which I spend learning kanji
  2. I use flashcards to repeatedly practise kanji
  3. I use a computer program to practise kanji
  4. I use kanji as often as I can (e.g. in class notes, homework assignments etc.)
  5. I use a highlighter to organise the information in my kanji learning book
  6. I try to find better ways of learning kanji from books or by talking to others
  7. I buy kanji learning resources additional to those required in my course
  8. I borrow kanji learning resources from the library
  9. I set myself goals and objectives for what I wish to achieve each week