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Evaluating Your Learning

Strategies for Learning Kanji
Strategies for Managing Learning
  Planning Your Learning
  * Evaluating Your Learning
Cooperating With Others

This strategy is related to the self-monitoring strategy but whereas the latter is concerned with the remembering of individual kanji through a process of learning from mistakes, evaluating learning is more concerned with the overall view of the kanji learning process. If you have an overall goal of how many kanji you would like to know and keep a record of the number learned, it provides a measure of progress towards the goal which in turn provides encouragement and motivation for learning. If the goal set is to be realistically achieved, regular testing and revision need to be carried out to ensure kanji are being maintained. Keeping a diary can act as a record of progress and as an outlet for feelings when there is no other person to share feelings with. Keeping a diary can also help you understand your pattern of learning.


  1. I test myself regularly to check whether I know the kanji I have studied
  2. I keep a list of the number of kanji I know
  3. I write a language learning diary where I record my progress and my feelings