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Physical/Emotional Response

Strategies for Learning Kanji
  * Physical/Emotional Response
Stroke Order
Strategies for Managing Learning

Sometimes you will have a physical or emotional response to a kanji for some personal reason which will in effect help you to remember the kanji.


1 I remember the kanji by the way it feels to write it
e.g. 弟 (おとうと little brother) “I like the feel of this one. I remembered it because of that” (student).

2 I remember some kanji because I don’t like them for some reason
e.g.1 主人 (しゅじん husband/master) “I remember that one because I was very insensed at the actual meaning of it” (student).
e.g.2  喜ぶ (よろこぶ to be glad) “I remember this because I don’t like it. It seems a bit unwieldy to me” (student).
e.g.3 医者(いしゃdoctor) “When you think of doctors it’s always horrible places so I think it’s almost a box with a person trapped inside” (student).

3 I remember some kanji because they are especially difficult
e.g. 並ぶ (ならぶ to line up) “I remember it because there are so many lines, you have to try to line them up” (student).

4 I remember some kanji because I like them for some reason
e.g.1 家 (うち house) “The roof, and then I just remember all the squiggly lines. It stands out to me as a really strange one….It just stuck in my head” (student).