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Strategy Inventory for Learning Kanji

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The Strategy Inventory for Learning Kanji (SILK) is a comprehensive list of strategies which can be used for learning kanji. Research shows that the more different ways you use when trying to memorise information, the more effective that learning will be. SILK offers a means of making kanji learning faster, more efficient, more effective and more enjoyable.

The contents of each section are described below:

Kanji Learning Strategies: Provides descriptions of a range of strategies that you can use to learn kanji.

Kanji System: Describes various aspects of the kanji system, such as ‘on’ and ‘kun’ readings, stroke order, the radical system, the rikusho system and compound formation.

Kanji Resources: Provides names of text books and other kanji learning resources, kanji dictionaries and useful web links.

My SILK Profile: Allows you to create your own learning profile to discover how you are currently learning kanji and how you might approach the task more effectively from now on.